Alfred to our Batman – The Power of Women in this world

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? Mind control, time control, flying, invisibility…. What if I told you that you have superpowers, but you may not be aware of their true power or how to use them correctly?

Behind every superhero lies the much needed best friend, confidant, and support system.  For Batman this was Alfred Pennyworth, for our husbands, it’s us, their wives.  Just as Alfred was vital in Batman’s work we are vital in our husbands work and their ability to lead our families, their colleagues and shape the security and value of our future. Many argue Bruce Wayne’s ability to be Batman without all the Alfred did for him.  My husband joked the other day, how much was Mr. Pennyworth to Batman, 1 million dollars, he laughed and said, “get it, Bruce Wayne was a millionaire and his butler’s name was Pennyworth” I didn’t get it at first, but it’s a great point.  Through service, support, friendship and trustworthiness Batman had the ability to be Batman – His worth is beyond a million dollars and so is your worth to your husband.

Men are the leaders of our homes, they are our Batman, but our “Batman” is only capable of his full potential if he has his best friend and confidant by his side encouraging his efforts to do good and push through obstacles.  Let’s look, again, at Alfred, he had to submit to Batman, Batman was Alfred’s boss, however, Batman always turned to Alfred to advise his next moves, to keep his secrets and to always have things ready to defeat the next enemy that loomed to destroy Gotham City.  

Women are a powerful force in this world, so powerful, that this world can be transformed by us!

Well, ladies, enemies are looming to destroy our homes and our countries.  And our Batmen are becoming less and less likely to be able to defeat the enemy and protect our “Gotham Cities”, our homes – and that’s on us.  Women are a powerful force in this world, so powerful, I believe that this world can be transformed by us! God has given us some substantial superpowers as wives, moms, and women in general. And our most important power that must be used for good is the power to positively influence, advise and encourage our husbands! Our daughters and sons need more role models, they need to be taught the rules of authority, to be taught how to respect and pray for those who are leading us. God has created an order, His plan matters and His plan alone. Yet our world’s respect for authority seems to have completely disappeared, and I think it’s the fault of our women and our churches for the inability to have the tough conversations with other women.  We need to teach each other about our powers of influence that make or break our homes, our countries and our world.   

If we don’t use our gifts to empower our husbands, they won’t be able to go out and defeat the villains of this world; because they will be one!


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