The Excellent Wife

Having a broken marriage once, I want this time around to be much different and I know that I can’t do that on my own.  I know to be an excellent wife, I need God’s vision strongly planted in my life and live out my life to serve his purpose, not my own.

I saw the title of this book with no idea of what to expect but though “yes please, I’d like to be an excellent wife”.  The topics covered in this book were much more profound than I could have imagined – then again, to be excellent it does take profoundness.  My ego, pride, stubbornness and sinful ways of being a woman and a wife were challenged as I was encouraged to change the way I approach my husband, my self-worth and the way I view God’s hand in my life.  I am inspired by this book to use my strength, my bold and loud personality and opinions in gentleness so that my marriage thrives.

Using strength and opinion with gentleness, sounds a little odd, right!?- that’s why it’s so good!!

Keep in mind, you will be challenged to change the way you approach your husband and your marriage, hard topics like submission will be covered – but I promise you – submission biblical isn’t want you to think it is.  Your marriage will improve as you continue to implement the vision and mission she lays out for us.

I highly recommend this book for all married women, no matter the years.

P.S. there is a version for men ‘The Exemplary Husband’.  Haven’t read it but it’s out there.  We’ll probably have to visit the book often to continue to ingrain the mission in our minds.

 click here to go to to order your own copy

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