82% of 6th Graders that don’t Pass English – Don’t Graduate High School

I love my Job, I get to talk with educators to help them increase student growth and personalize learning.  I remember the days in school when I felt shoved forward through a learning progression even if I wasn’t ready for the next level.  I hope to stop that and help students find their success through their productive struggle and not end up finding failure in their struggle.

We just got back from week-long training on the power we will be able to provide this year for educators, and I am beyond excited to talk to my partners and gain some new ones.  But, what I learned this week will also impact activities in my home.

3 Key things that will Impact my home and my business

  1. It takes 15-20 minutes a day of reading just for students to keep up and that more than 1/2 of  kids are reporting they are not reading that much
  2. 90 – 120 minutes of purpose reading and righting are essential for improving performance
  3. 82% of students who fail 6th-grade English don’t graduate high school

We all need to take part in developing our kids’ success in life by encouraging more reading and writing in our homes.  In our home, we encourage reading before bed, but it’s usually not monitored.  So, starting now, our girls will begin to journal a few times a week – they can free journal about their day or about ideas they have… My goal in encouraging them to write is that, not only will they get the writing time they need to grow, but they will develop some knowledge about themselves and make journaling a habit in their life.

Our Girls love to share their days with us, so to start the journaling and making it fun, we will have them write about their day and read it to the family.  They love to get the personalized attention, and they love to present things – so I can see this setting up excitement.

Have you ever journaled?  I started about 3 years ago, and it’s one of the most freeing and revealing things I’ve ever done.  There is something amazing that happens when you write your feelings and thoughts. It changes your mindset, for the better.


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