Don’t Destroy the Work of YAHWEH for the sake of food

Reading through Romans today The Spirit pointed out to me that we often eat and drink and judge ourselves for every bite. For many of us, food and drink is a place of shame and pain not a place of peace and joy. •

When we walk with the Spirit we count all things as blessings. Food is not the enemy – Satan is! Food and drink are gifts from YAHWEH. It’s our job to walk in step with the Spirit and to listen to our bodies and eat with thanksgiving, peace, and joy.

As we give thanks and give the gift of our food and drink back to YAHWEH- we slow our eating, we enjoy the food we have and we are able to avoid overeating, picking foods that hurt our bodies and have more respect for ourselves because of the love we receive from YAHWEH and HIS gifts of sustenance(which is truly only found in HIM)

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