Life Giving Relationship

Some days it feels like I have a million ideas, a million passions and a million things calling for my attention and I’d actually like to go in the opposite direction of all of those things. Today is one of those days, I’d much rather be doing anything else than what I’m supposed to do.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ve seen me walk through ups and downs as well as a growth in my faith and understanding of who God is. You’ll also know that I’m in the process of trying to take Anchored Female Wellness into a business that focuses on how relationships health is the foundation to our wellbeing and wholeness. Relationship with others (spouses, significant others..) isn’t the only ‘relationship’ I’m talking about – I also mean the relationship with yourself and the depth of relationship with God. These three relationships directly impact your health and I am dedicated to helping people heal as they learn the importance of these three areas. click here to learn more.

So many of us have tried everything to lose weight, to stop addictions, to feel more energy, to improve depression and self-worth… and we’ve all hit the wall of information that says there is no answer or there are too many answers to know where to start.

I was asked a question today: How has knowing the only true God and His son Jesus been life-giving for you?

Six months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to answer that question. Six months ago, I knew who God was and I knew who His son Jesus was…but it was only head knowledge. I was spending time in the Word every morning and then I’d spend every day trying with every ounce of my being to do better, eat better, do kindness, do patientience, and overcome every challenge or minor frustration with all I had left in the ‘tank’ at any given moment – and let me tell you, there was nothing in my tank, not ever. I was running through life on empty feeling completely exhausted.

These daily shortcomings would leave me in a poor mindset of self-shaming, self-disgust and living in constant defeat. I don’t know about you, but living this way is the worst feeling! It’s so heavy and debilitating. How can we walk as the light and image of God when we are feeling completely defeated and unworthy?

From Head Knowledge to Body, Soul & Spirit Knowledge

Today, I answer this question much differently and in a short time you can too. I can confidently say that knowing my Heavenly Father and His son has completely transformed my life and given me my life back. I don’t just know of God and Jesus – I know them with my heart, soul and body and in that – there is freedom greater than you could ever imagine.

In the body, soul & spirit relationship with God I have been freed from the bondage of weight as my worth, alcohol as my relaxation, food as my comforter, opinions of others as my value, my level of anxiety and worry as my measure of success and accomplishment. I now live with my worth anchored in being a child of the creator of the universe – as royalty, with my relaxation in time in the Word, God as my comforter, God as my army, and my inner peace as my measure of success.

I still work hard and accomplish a lot in day but I do it all without anxiety or worry because I know that it’s not up to me – none of it is. I walk through my day aware that nothing is up to me except for one thing: Spend time in the Word and in Prayer. The Spirit is guiding our every step and His guidance is far more than anything we can every accomplish on our own.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. – Ephesians 3:20

When we get out of the way and have faith like a child we start to see God for who He really is and that He has promised us He’ll fight our battles, that He has a plan and that His ways are so much greater than ours.

The freedom, ya’ll, is so amazing! When we choose to remove the wrong thought patterns that make us believe that it’s all up to us – When we begin to walk in His will and instep with the Holy Spirit – His work gets accomplished – not ours! And in that, we are living with purpose and not depleted of energy – but energized! Living with this body, soul and spirit knowledge of our savior leads us to peace, trust, health, security, worth… that suprasses anything we could find chasing our own empty pursuits. You wont feel like you don’t measure up because of a number, because of deadline, because of all the other things that are attacking you and you’ll see that in each and every moment you are beloved, valued, worthy, whole, alive!

What does depend on you and I?

There are very few things that we are asked to do, because, God doesn’t need us to fulfill His plans. He did chose us, though, to do a few things while we are here on this earth to bring His Kingdom into the presence of this world:

  • Renew your mind: spending time in the Bible and learning about God’s character and His views of you will help you overcome the attacks of satan when we tries to take you down and distract you from your calling and purpose – to distract you from the glorious rights you have a daughter/son of God.
  • Reject thoughts and emotions that aren’t from God: Millions of thoughts swarm our mind in any given day/moment. The magnitude of them makes it difficult to take them captive and make them obedient to God – but that is what we must do. So many times I’d let negative thoughts toward others and mostly myself, that would lead to an emotional spiral that left me weak and defeated – that’s exactly what satan wants. When we have thoughts and emotions that take us down we need to grab them and reject them – they are not from God – that is not how He wants us to feel. It’s hard work, it takes time and practice – but the more you do the less the attacks will be because where there is light – darkness can not be. The more you search to hear the Holy Spirit, the louder He will become to guide your every step. (click here to learn about your inner symphony)
  • Be Obedient: Love – it’s the base of all relationships and that is why that’s the number one commandment. If you don’t love God with your whole Spirit, mind and soul you won’t be able to love Him, love yourself or love others – you won’t be able to be obedient. In a life of disobedience we feel unloved, unworthy, unvalued…however, a life of obedience gives us an over pouring of God’s love giving us all that we need to stay at peace within. God is LOVE. (1 John 4:8) As we work to renew our mind by being in the Word and knowing the true love of God, it fills us – obedience is easy and makes each day filled with a peace that suprasses understanding. (Philippians 4:7)
  • Mediate on Truth: What you are thinking of constantly is your god. So, what do you spend most of your day thinking about, ‘worshiping’, serving, giving attention to… and does that fill you with life or ‘death’? I use to focus and meditate on my weight and food constantly – thinking it was good I was taking care of the ‘temple of the Holy Spirit’ but that meditation was self focused and the motive was fear of gaining weight my body and a number became my god with idols of food in every thought…This way of living was NOT of God – Matthew 6:26-34

May each of you recognized the Holy Spirit within you who is doing a great work. Let us all allow our worries and fears disappear as we realize the King and creator of the universe goes before us, loves us, values us and chooses us. No more fear, no more shame – repent and turn from from you old ways of living and thinking and find the life-giving relationship you were called to.

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