Lukewarm no Longer

I am so excited about what I’m learning regarding ABBA and our health. I want the whole world to know about how a relationship with Him is all we need to live a life of abundance, not ease, but abundance! I feel abundance in my passion for ABBA and it’s causing an overflow that wants to lovingly shake everyone around me awake. Screaming look, you’ve been sleeping, open your eyes to see His Kingdom all around you!

Those are the exact emotions that are causing me to have unnecessary shame. I keep finding myself with thoughts of “don’t, Tiff, people are going to think you’re crazy” “maybe you’re being a little too intense and shouldn’t be so much in everyone’s face” and “everyone is on their own journey, let them do them you just worry about doing you”.

NO, I will not listen to satan put doubts that silence me any longer. I’ve lived my whole life lukewarm at best, much of it as full out ice cube for ABBA.

We are called to be doers of the Word, not just hearers. (James 1v22). I’ve filled my mind with Bible studies, books, The Book (scripture) itself… and I’ve slowly and quietly shared it with others on this blog, but the true walking of my faith is halted by fear of messing up or doing it wrong… but, the truth is, each time we don’t move we’re failing worse. We can’t just hear, we need to obey and do – take steps of faith that cause action.

Should we be doing and waiting for the Holy Spirit to tell us to stop instead of doing nothing waiting for the Holy Spirit telling us to do?! The Bible already tells us to go – so go! Be doers of what you hear, what you learn and how powerful the relationship with ABBA is.

He calls us to make Him known and what good are we doing if we are waiting till we have it all figured before we share what’s going on in our journey!? No good, that’s what! We’ll never have it all figured! And that means that no one will know Him because we’re all to concerned about having our journey perfect first. Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you and start shaking your world with the truth of His love and action in your life. Every single step of the way!! So that through your testimonies nations will be saved. (Revelations 12:11)

Today, and from now on, I am no longer going to live lukewarm for Christ, I am going to live out the fire for Him that is welling up inside of me in hopes that it will shake everyone around me awake so they too can live on fire and alive.

You want to join me in this passionate fire and change the world around you?!

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