Mind Renewal – Day 7

Thankfulness – The things that are changing in me. Weighing myself less. Eating more alert and aware. Accepting hunger and not living by ‘rules’. stepping into living for an audience of ONE.

Step 1 (capture thought) – Once I begin thinking about God each time I thought about food, I was amazed at how much I thought about food – what an eye opener. I think yesterday’s active reach was the most successful so far. Even though the battle rages on – my responses and actions are more aligned with God than self and I’m feeling an increase in internal peace.

Step 2 (refection) – Ecclesiastes 3:11 – God as put divine and eternal purpose on my heart. Which noting can satisfy but God and I can’t comprehend all that He does from beginning to end.

Step 3 (journal) – These are the thought running through me today… “I AM doing great things within you” love others fiercely but remove pain first – lay that at God’s feet and leave it there – He is my healer. It’s God’s way, God’s plans, God’s Will – start aligning with Him and not my own desire. …. my pain and fear of emptiness is keeping me stuck – emptiness of body and emptiness of soul – wow they are hand in hand…. MIND BLOWN... in fatigue and guarded approach to living, it’s causing me to not fully trust in God with all I have. Without fully trusting in God I can’t move forward in life or purpose.

Step 4 (pray and listen) – continue to replace food thoughts with praise

Step 5 (active reach) – Each time food come to mind or self shaming… I turn to God and ask – “Father, what can I do for you at this moment?” “who can I love?”

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