Mind Renewal – Day 8

Thankful – Things are changing. At times it feels like they aren’t or are going backwards, but as I reflect on what I’m doing – I’m changing…

Step 1 (capture Thoughts) – yesterday active reach was o. I’m feeling sick so my mind doesn’t feel as sharp as id like. I am increasingly aware of how much I think about food and want to continue to replace these thoughts with ways i can love better.

Step 2 (focused reflection) – Lack of love. lack of trust. unwillingness to let go… my soul stirred – “I am taking care of you, I am healing you” – Holy Spirit

Step 3 (journal) – The more I pray and listen the more clearly I can feel the Holy Spirit stir me to follow His ways. The depth of my struggles is rooted in love and brokenness. it continues to come up on this journey. Today I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that He’s healing me, that He is mending my broken heart. during my thankfulness part today I envisioned my heart and inner pieces being sown back together and felt a desire to snuggle – something I typically don’t like… interesting…

Step 4 (pray and listen) – I have a gentle and loving spirit that I’m afraid to let out because of fear of rejection. Truth to the lies that continue to come up has been so amazingly freeing. It’s teaching me to see that everyone else is hurting and also working out of a place of brokenness. it’s causing that gentle and compassionate side to come out because I see what God gentleness and compassion is doing for my heart. I long to help others enter into this journey – I can only do that with love. God is working all things out trust Him and His work and I just need to be obedient.

Step 5 (active reach) – Today I decide I will replace every thought about food and diet with praise to God. I choose to live boldly gentle and loving. I choose to not get offended or act defensive.

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