Mind Renewal – Day 16

January 18th 2020

Thankfulness: Father, thank you for helping me see YOU clearly through your word, how you’re always with me and even when I don’t walk rightly, you’re gentle correction keeps me encouraged and growing! Your ways are amazing and wonderful and I love looking at the positive and seeing the way that transforms my anxiety into peace.

Step 1 (capture thoughts) – The more I sharpen my mind the more I will see toxic thoughts and the quicker I will be able to take them captive and walk in the ways of God. I have a new heart and with this heart I have the choice to sin less – to choose life by choosing God’s ways, plans, words…

Step 2 (focused reflection) – What about me… I think this too often. Even though my focus is to take care of my family there is still a huge part that is afraid of being walked over and taken for granted. On top of that its a selfish thought without fact. Fact is – God is my every provision and I’m never without. Because I view myself negatively I think “what about me” wanting to control everything. Scripture says – focus on others more than yourself and that I can do this successfully by trusting in God to take care of me, defend me, supply me, provide for me……… I need to trust in God for ALL of my needs so much so that I have time and capacity to only focus on others. By focusing on food, weight, body image, failures… I am so distracted by my failures to poor into anyone – God will provide for me – I believe it so now I must live it.

Image result for 1 timothy 1:19

Step 3 (journal) – I kind of already did my journal in step two but I’ll cling to 1 Timothy 1:19 – cling to Christ and all He has done so that your conscience can be free to think about others.

Step 4 (pray and listen) – Keep my focus on God. No need to focus so much on myself and my short comings. Trust in God for all my provisions.

Step 5 (active reach) – Trust in God for all things, even my growth and learning. Stop condemning myself for not being perfect. The Holy Spirit is doing great things within me – enjoy the journey of growth and maturity stop trying to just ‘arrive’

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