Mind Renewal – Day 19

January 21st, 2020

Thankfulness – I am so thankful for this time and time spent in the word. Father, I feel like you teach me something in scripture and then you have me apply it while I do my mind renewal. You are an amazing teacher, I am in awe of you. I love you. Amen

Step 1 (capture thoughts) – As I take thoughts captive I have to reject them out loud not try to fight the battle in my mind. As I speak out truth, evil must flee. I need to turn on my frontal cortex where logic and reason happen.

Step 2 (Focused Reflection) – Thinking negative and toxic is living in bondage to what ever negative thought I’m allowing in. Just as I wrote in my SKO reflection – I will not accept negativity from myself or from others – I’ll be solutions focused. I can hear the complaints of others and I can be empathetic, but I can also encourage solutions and growth. If conversations are too toxic I will have the courage to walk away so that they don’t crush me and keep me from living on mission.

Step 3 (journal) – Life and being alive can’t exist if thoughts and emotions are constantly pulling us down. That’s no life at all. The way to overcome any toxic thought or emotion is to know that God is in control, even in the tough stuff. He has a plan and His ways are higher than ours. He is always at work and I can rest assured that He is with me in ALL things – that His plans are grater than mine! So, How do I remain empathetic and concerning without falling into a rut of complaining myself?!

Step 4 & 5 (active reach and prayer) – “I am sorry you’re feeling that way, I totally understand and that bites. Is there something you can do to change it” or Do you want me to listen or would you like me to offer advise? Don’t put on someone else’s emotions completely, but help them carry it by asking good questions and helping them walk through it.

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