Mind Renewal – Day 20

January 21st 2020

Thankful: Thank you ABBA for this journey, I don’t even want to stop bringing my thoughts to you and allowing you to work in me and renew me.

Step 1 – My new healthy thought is: I am a child of God – therefore, I will live confident, hopeful, focused and free. I have zero right to complain because I know and believe that God is at work in all things at all times. I have zero right to be offended. I too am a sinner – I will be curious over offended. God is my God – not food or my weight. I am a loving, kind, compassionate, deep thinking, smart and alive woman of God and I will walk in that.

Step 2 How will I operate differently? When stress, worry, anxiety… comes in I will not turn to food for comfort but instead turn to prayer, breathing deeply and pulling everything together.

What impact will this have on my spiritual development? I will stop living for things of this world and know that my security and strength come from God. I will stop leaning into my own understanding and depend on his guidance which will lead to better choices and more peace.

What impact is this going to have on my mind? I will no longer be held captive by my negative thoughts about myself. I am aware of the attack and I will choose to live above those thoughts. This will free my mind up for kingdom thoughts.

What impact will this have on my physical body? My body will begin to use food properly and healing will begin within my gut and digestive systems.

What I wire into my mind, I can also wire out

– Dr. Leaf

Step 4 – I will keep journaling, keep reading and keep doing this mind renewal every single morning. (as I write this, I am on mind renewal round 3 and it’s getting deeper into the parts of myself that many root causes come from)

I’d love to work with anyone who also would like to do mind renewal work and find freedom.

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