Changing Directions – Conclusion Part 1

And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,”this is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.

Isaiah 30:21

So, now you know the truth. And because you know the truth, you can’t go back to your old ways of living, something has to change! Your trust, obedience, the way you talk out loud and within… we have to take anything that doesn’t fall under the obedience of the LORD. It’s a call to action – a call to change. It sure would be foolish to continue to act the way you did before you saw the truth of what YAHUAH (God) says about you and the way you should live, right? There is no going back now, so it’s time to change directions.

Recap on our changes:

We’ve covered a lot of different topics on how we become distracted in life and how no matter how ‘good’ the distraction may seem; it will still be keeping us from living life in our destiny if we aren’t careful.

Since Adam and Eve Satan has used distractions and deception to keep us in bondage and chains, chains that we’ve been freed from already through the washing of the water and blood of YAHUSHA (Jesus). Yet, we allow ourselves to believe that we aren’t worthy or deserving of love, and that must stop if we’ve got any hope of living above our circumstances and in a manor worthy of our calling. (Ephesians 4:1)

First, this verse says we have a calling. One that we were created before the formation of the whole Earth. YAHUAH (God) chose you, created you in the exact way necessary to know Him and make Him known to others. The second part of that requires that we step out of our distractions, out of the chains we are being held by and walk in the truth of who we are in YAHUAH (God), walk in the truth of our worth and fully walk in the path that YAHUAH has set before each and every one of us.

We will face battles and challenges, no matter how much we walk in our calling, however, the peace of YAHUAH (God) which surpasses all understanding will be our guard and protector as we turn to Him in the battles.

Saying yes to a meaningful life

My daughter and I often talk about how long we hope to live and what our lives will look like if we do. In the recent year or so my family and friends have walked through a lot of death and sorrow, and each time I wonder why time can’t just stand still for a little while.

I want time to mourn so that I can to process what’s happening. But funny thing about time, it keeps moving, not stopping for anything. this is also why it’s so important to change directions right now and start living in our destiny. If we don’t, time’s continued movement is a guarantee and we may miss our chance to walk in the fullness of life.

Personally, I do not fear death at all, I can’t wait to meet Jesus face to face. The things that concern me are getting old and missing the opportunities that YAHUAH has placed before me to bring YAHUAH to others and influence His kingdom. I believe the reason there are so many people getting sick and dying earlier than they should is because of a toxic mindset caused by years of being distracted by things that aren’t of Heaven. It’s been scientifically proven that what we think in our minds manifests itself in our health and scripture says it even clearer than a medical study.

I don’t want to be old and sick, as I tell my daughter, I want to be healthy enough to be 100 years old and still carrying in my own groceries. I know that to live that way begins today, or better yet, should have begun years ago – the promise is, it’s never too late to start walking in the truth of the Word.

Every choice we make determines our future. I watched my dad live with fear, anxiety and worry – and I believe that’s a contributing factor of why he isn’t with us today. My main point is that we don’t realize how our little acts of disobedience to YAHUAH’s created law causes us to become tired and sick. It’s the little things over time that cause spiritual and physical death, not the big things. It’s also the little things of continuous prayer and daily time in scripture that lead to life and health.

If we are faithful with little, we can be trusted with much. (Luke 16:10) And since we don’t steward the little very well, we don’t see the beauty in the moments that YAHUAH has planned for us – we’re missing our opportunities to experience the amazing might of YAHUAH by not doing the little things, and then, sadly, it takes the big things to wake us up out of our slumber. I pray that when we have the veil lifted from our eyes it’s not at the end of our lives, but early enough to walk in the fullness of what YAHUAH has planned. And that’s why I’m glad you’re here today.

Let’s go back to the Israelites. It took them 40 years to walk from Egypt to the promised land. Did you know the actual time it should have taken them was 11 days!? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wonder and suffer for 40 years when it could have only taken me 11 days if I would have just gotten out of the chains that held me down and co-operated with YAHUAH. I am almost 40 so it has taken me almost that long. Which leads me to the second part of my concern is missing the treasures that YAHUAH has placed before me as I walk in His calling for my life. I know His plans will always happen because He is working out all things for good, but I don’t want to waste years of my life wandering through my personal dessert complaining when I could just walk through it with my eyes on Him. Being grateful and looking for his provisions.

We need to start today to live our best life. We need to stand up and realize that the chains of our lives that weigh us down are already broken, we’re already set free, we just have to choose life. Life in Christ is a life spent in a beautiful sanctifying relationship with YHWH, and He isn’t going to give us our ‘promised land’ here on this earth unless we’re trained and prepared for it. Giving it to us before we know Him completely is like giving a child the keys to our car and hoping they don’t crash. YWHW knows that we need to mature and grow so that we are prepared, but the more we fight it, the more we rebel against His ways, the more we fall into bondage.

I can’t help but think of the story of Joseph here. He was giving a vision that his brothers and family would bow to him. He was shown this vision at the age of 17 and didn’t see it come to be until 17+ years later. He didn’t lose focus though. Through slavery, lies, and pits Joseph accepted the lessons within the pit to transform him into the leader that YHWH and his people needed him to be.

He knew that YAHUAH was working things out for his good and the good of YAHUAH plans. Can you imagine waiting 17+ years patiently?! That’s exactly what we are supposed to do. Often, we will feel a tug on our hearts for a mission and a purpose, but from that point, we will be thrown into a pit to be a person in transformation ́. The more we fight against the pit and our growth, the longer it takes. The sooner we accept that all things are for the glory of YAHUAH the sooner we are able to co-operate with YAHUAH and become the new creation we’re called to as followers of Christ.

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