Counting it ALL Joy

YHWH (God) is in control of all things ~ using them all to strengthen our faith, guide us on how to walk His ways for His will.   All things are joyful ~ change my mindset to see each blessing ~ Store up YHWH’s promises in my heart to use them as my hope as difficulties arise in the day ~ day by day ~ moment by moment.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world – 1 John 4:1

Mindset – What we make up our mind to feel, believe, do… Yes, it is as simple as making up our minds, yet I tend to let my mind decide what I’m going to think about and how I’m going to feel.  I feel crushed under the weight of my to-dos, the struggles that come, fatigue, parenting unknowns and fears… I think “I can’t”, I think “I’m too Tired”, I think “I’m such a horrible woman”, I think “something is wrong with me”, “I have to/must ____” … NO, these are lies.

As I sit and think “I have to ___” I realized how much a simple change of thought would help. Instead of thinking “I have to”  I can replace one word.. “I get to___”.  I get to teach my children today, I get to be kind to my husband, I get to cook dinner, I get to work, I get to live, I get to smile…. I GET TO…   Who knew a single word could reshape my entire mindset.  

It is time to do what scripture says to do and not just read it.  Be a doer of the word by counting all things as joy – the good, the irritating, the long days, the hard days, the great days… They are all part of the journey to put YHWH and his promises at the front of my day so that everything is driven from joyful hope, diligent obedience and life altering trust. 

Today’s Reminders:

  • YHWH has a lesson for me – want to reveal Himself to me in every trial/difficult situation
  • YHWH has promised a life of abundance IF I walk in His will not my own
  • Obey YHWH’s voice
  • Eat clean, think clean, move clean, speak clean

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