It’s Not About Me

Less of me, more of YHWH (God) ~ Nothing at all is about me ~ any emotion or thought that is not in line with YHWH ‘s character is fake, an illusion that I created based on my rules (the false ones that I’ve made right in my own eyes)

Emotions are always trying to take over my actions and thoughts and beliefs.  Usually I don’t even agree with the emotion, it just creeps ups from some dark deep selfish pit within me. Yet, I grab onto the emotion and it has its own agenda.  Before I know it I’m irritable, tired, frustrated, angry, annoyed, exhausted… and it usually ends with me saying something foolish and crying along with an endless number of I’m sorry’s.

I’m not always sure where these feelings come from.  Why am I always tired, why do I always put myself and my emotions on a pedestal and think they are right and yet give no one else that same latitude.  YHWH’s character is patient, loving, compassionate, peace filled, joyful… When I act annoyed, exhausted, impatient… I’m reflecting myself – my created and developed self.. Not the woman that YHWH created me to be.  He has made me so beautifully, and my wants, expectations, selfishness… it blocks me from living out in the beauty of who he has made me to be.

I am painfully aware of the level of me I put in all things.  How often I am offended, complain, strive, self-critique…. The truth is, I am a daughter of YHWH.  I represent Him and His image. The question is, how well am I reflecting Him?  How well am I not reflecting myself?  That’s the shift that needs to happen.  

Today’s Reminders:

  • Who am I reflecting? Myself and my desires or YHWH and His desires?
  • When my emotions rise up I will work on pausing and choosing to reflect grace, compassion, understanding, love…. 
  • I will cast all my cares on YHWH. When something negative comes my way, I will work on praying first before forming an opinion or an emotion.. I will cast it on Him and look for His guidance.  

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