Stop with the emotion

Those that have cast their care upon YHWH (God)  may look before them with satisfaction and composure of mind, cheerfully expecting the issue, whatever it may be; come what will, nothing can come amiss to him whose heart is fixed, trusting in YHWH.

There is only one authority ~ One Truth ~ One Way… It’s YHWH’S 

He alone is trustworthy, He always provides, He protects, He always does right….

My emotions are deceitful and selfish.  They rise up in defense of myself and my “rights”.  Who defined my rights anyway? Me, I did.  I made the rules that I follow and give no regard to the only truth, the only rules, the only way that I should go.  I’ve made my mind up for what is best and right and I go after those things.  I’ve become the creator of my life.  I’ve decided what is right in my own eyes and have gone my own way… that’s got to stop.  

I know emotions can be a good thing, however, when they rule over YHWH’S ways, they lead me to act fleshly and not as my heavenly Father.  They are wrong, deceitful, self-serving and a stumbling block for myself and for others. 

YHWH, thank you for your endless patience with me.  Thank you for teaching me.  You meet me daily and take me deeper and deeper into right-relationship with you.  I am, so very unworthy of this care you show me.  I confess and repent that I have signed against you continually by putting my emotions and desires ahead of yours.  Please forgive me Father, strengthen my spirit to live in your desires and Your ways.  Create in me a new heart and a new mind.  In Yahusha’s (Jesus) Name, Amen

Today’s Reminders: 

  • Don’t let emotion rule
  • I have nothing to complain about – everything that comes my way is for my good and training
  • I will not be offended by anything – I trust and believe that the LORD is my defender and is working all things out for His glory

I long to conduct myself in calmness, peas and fully casting all my cares on YHWH before trying to figure it out myself or getting upset about it.  Knowing that He will fully provide for me and knowing that His ways are best (especially when I don’t’ understand).  Submitting my will and emotions to Him… Live with composure, peace, trust and meekness (strength under control)

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