Application of the Fruits of the Spirit

Jeremiah 33:6 and many other verses like it have stood out to me in the recent months as I purse healing and wholeness. When I first entered my schooling and studying to find as many ways as possible to link God to our health and wholeness, I didn’t expect to find more than 80 verses dedicated to healing and that God is our healer, not to mention all the other ways we’re called to live that end in consequence when we disobey.

As I take stake in our societies increase use of prescription drugs and vitamins and supplements, I can’t help but wonder why we’re going anywhere besides God for our healing. We are taking matters in our own hands and trying to heal ourselves and in the good pursuit of health, many of us are harming our bodies on more than one level and causing more harm than good by taking the supplements that are doing no good.

Our healer promises to heal us as we step into a relationship with Him and obey His laws. In Exodus 15:26 God tells the people of Israel that if they diligently listen to His voice and do what is right in His eyes that they will not experience the diseases that were put on the Egyptians (heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure)

We have everything we need for life and godliness and healing, but there is an IF associated with it. We have to be repentant, forgiving, willing to change from our old ways of living for self and live a life fully dedicated to God’s ways, time and purpose.

This isn’t easy. Death is usually painful, but a death to ourselves (to our flesh) is the path to healing and wholeness. So, if you’re suffering with obesity, depression, poor relationships, self-hate, shame, guilt… the answer is one thing Turn from your fleshly desires.

To turn from our fleshly desires, we must use the power of the Holy Spirit for self-control. We will always be tempted on this side of heaven, but because of Jesus we have the power of the Holy Spirit living within us to choose to do what is right.

We must continually take every thought captive and test it. Does it align with God’s Word or mine? God’s word or the world’s?

Where’s the Fruit

Jesus is the true vine and only source of life. We are called to abide in Him, and He will abide in us. If we don’t, we don’t bear good fruit, but if we do there is an abundance of good fruit in our lives. We see His presence even when life feels tough. So, where’s the fruit in your life?

Jesus is committed to producing His Fruit in our lives.


In these things, there is no law, no guilt, no shame, no fatigue, no burn out… He came to give us life and that we may enjoy it and have it abundantly.

Distractions are everywhere in life. As a woman, it feels like our distractions often lead to an increase in low self-worth if we’re not careful. So, as a woman of God, we must live life differently. We must become aware of the things in our lives that leave us distracted and choose to have eyes like a Dove.

The eye of a dove is a poetic way of describing the way we should look at our Heavenly Father. When a dove fixes it’s gaze upon its mate, there is nothing in the world that would be able to disconnect their gaze from the one it’s chosen to love. That is exactly the kind of gaze we need to develop and live with toward God. No matter what is going
on around us or the doubts that creep within us, our eyes should remain focused on Jesus.

As we’ve discussed throughout our time, it takes time and commitment to step into a relationship with Him and developing doves’ eyes by becoming increasingly aware of God; who He is, how present He is, and all of His glorious characteristics.

He calls us to live above earthly things that want to pull us down. The undistracted focus of single vision will enable us to be more sensitive to God at work in us and around us. We will look past our circumstances so that we can see His hand, His character, His presence in all things. We will hear His whisper and be in tuned to His desires and His purposes we will obey Him because we take His word as truth allowing it to transform who we are, how we act, think, talk, and how we live.

When you’re going through your distraction packed life, remember to look past the distraction and find the fruit of God’s Character. There are times you’ll only receiving His Character for your growth and Spiritual maturity and there are times you need to apply His Character to people or situations around you.

Regardless, we must keep our un-distracted focus on God and allow Him to speak into every aspect of our lives and we will see the fruit of being a child of God flow through us and poor into our lives. Galatians 5 is one of my favorite chapters because it explains what life lived with the Holy Spirit should look like.

Examples of mind renewal

Lie: I am such a failure and don’t have purpose. I don’t even know why God created me
Truth: I have great purpose and value, that is why I am here today. I need to stop seeing my mistakes as failures and see them as training for my calling. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, created for a purpose.

Lie:__ _ has hurt me so much, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust them again.

Truth: I trust God so much and His plans and ways so much that I can fully trust other people, including myself. Father, please guide me on the best way to forgive __. Help me to know what do so with this relationship. (boundaries after forgiveness? forgive and no longer spend time with them?)

Truth: We are all on our own journey and we must learn to forgive people and give them grace as they travel on their personal journey with God. We are all sinners and the thing that draws us near to God is grace and that’s exactly what we need to give to others,
ourselves and our situations.

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