Hand It Over

Those that prosper put things into YHWH’s hands and give Him all praise.  “Joseph prospers in his masters home because YHWH was with him..” Genesis 39

Relationships with people and situations may go bad, but no one can take your wisdom and grace without your permission.  YWHW will hold you if you hold Him in the front – not letting situations fog our view of our deliverer. YHWH is in control of all things and every opportunity, every situation everything is a get to.. Not a have to.  I get to practice reflecting YHWH today.

Joseph goes through a lot of crappy stuff in Genesis.  His brothers, the people he should have been able to trust the most (his family) sold him, a woman lies about him, he ends up in prison.. And yet Joseph prospers.  Why? Because Joseph doesn’t let his circumstances over fun his wisdom of who YHWH is.  Joseph knew YHWH’s promises and even though, I’m sure he was confused,  he still believed, still trusted, still kept doing the work set before him – even if he didn’t want to and even if he didn’t understand.  He let whatever come, come.

Our mindset needs to change to the positive and the hopeful.  There are plenty of things in life that will make us feel burdened and defeated and tired… but we don’t’ have to let them take my wisdom of YHWH’s promises. We can choose to see YHWH in everything.  Peace is with those whose eyes are staying on YHWH.  Stayed on His promises, His ways, His Joy. His Truth.  KEEP MY MIND (don’t give it to situations, people, tasks…)  We keep it, keep it stayed on YHWH.

“You keep in perfect peace those whose mind is stayed on YOU, because he trusts in YOU” – Isaiah 26:3

Today’s Reminders:

  • Have a “get to” mentality
  • Count all things as joy
  • Pray
  • Watch for YHWH in all situations especially the crummy ones 
  • Ask “YHWH” what are you teaching me, revealing to me, showing me in this moment
  • Eat clean, think clean, speak clean, move clean

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