Diligently Practice

Diligently practice keeping my mind on YAHWEH ~ Diligently practice patience ~ Diligently practice being humbly confident ~ diligently practice boldness ~ diligently set aside any overblown sense of self-importance ~ diligently practice meekness (strength under control) ~ Diligently be a woman of valor ~ diligently choose to strengthen my mind and my joyful spirit and YAHWEH will strengthen me and my joy >> I can’t expect to be healed unless I step into faith to be healed ~ diligently live and focus on/in the promises of YAHWEH.

Too often I focus on the negative, lately which usually leads me to throwing myself a pity party.  This must stop.  I must stop into the truth of YAHWEH – confidently choose to see the lessons and the blessing in the good times, the bad times and the ugly times.  No more timidity, no more backing into a corning and cowering as satan and situations try to convince me that I’m not worthy.  The truth is YAHWEH has given us a spirit of Power, Love and a sound mind and I will diligently choose to use those gifts. 

YAHWEH has given me tools and gifts to use to overcome situations, but I’ve chosen to leave them laying on the floor and put on the pity party pants instead… NO MORE.  I’m going to leave the whining and complaining on the floor and pick up and put on the armor of YAHWEH.   

I’m going to choose to live in His gifts and His strength.  I can’t sit in my weakness and timidity and say “YAHWEH, I thought you gave me power, love and a sound mind… where is it?”  NO – He gave it to me already… I just have to choose to use them.

Today’s reminders:

  • Put on Joy ~ Put on Peace ~ Put on Kindness ~ Put on Love ~ Put on Self-Control ~ Put on Confidence ~ Put on…  
  • Pick up the gifts of YAHWEH and use them!
  • By YAHWEH’s word all things are defeated

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