Learning How to Live

Do not be offended by anything ~ Choose to use the gifts of YAHWEH and apply them ~ Reflect Him ~ Accept how YAHWEH created me and let Him teach me how to use it ~ Love. Joy. Forgive. Freedom

Last night with some friends I spoke passionately about my beliefs about women and our beautiful design and how I believe that the LORD has made us.  I must not have communicated myself so well because it turned into a little back and forth and disagreement.  It never got too negative but there was definitely a misunderstanding… Anyway, I was bummed because I see/hear/feel YAHWEH teaching me, leading me and changing my life every day. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever and continue to experience, but I end up trying to convey His messages to me with my power and my words… I’m reflecting myself and not Him.  

Now a situation like this use to crust me and put me into a week long self-hate pity party and making vows to never speak again (these thoughts did cross my mind…) but something different happened.  I didn’t give into those defeating thoughts, the power of Holy Spirit took over.  As I talked this out with my husband I realized that my zeal and hunger and passion for YAHWEH and His truth is a gift.  I just need to let YAHWEH teach me how to use these gifts to reflect Him and not myself. 

He has blessed me with so many amazing gifts (you too!) and I’ve gone through a roller coaster of hating them, wishing myself different or more like other spiritual women.. I’ve become aware of my selfishness, my deep need for YAHWEH and how deeply broken I am… and this pain, these trials, the testing and proving of my faith… the revelations of who I am has revealed to me so much more about YAHWEH’s divine, perfect, glorious, forever in control of all things… presence. It has all led me to this:  I am YAHWEH’s daughter and my life is only about reflecting Him.  He has beyond blessed me with amazing tools and gifts so that I can reflect Him, I only need to slow down and get out of the way and let Holy Spirit speak through me.  Let YAHWEH train me how to use His gifts with my flesh.  Humble and confident – looking for lessons and training in every situation.  Not running full steam into situations with my power and instead gliding into situations with inner peace and letting YAHWEH work through me.  I can accept where I am and at the same time be excited to learn more and spiritual mature every day as I watch for and listen for YAHWEH.

Today’s Reminders:

  • Let YAHWEH lead
  • Life of excellence not perfection
  • Ask YAHWEH to teach me how to use the gifts that He has trusted me with – after all they are His and I should use them for His glory – not my own…
  • Ask myself – Who am I reflecting – myself or YAHWEH?

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