Refiner’s Fire

Guard YAHWEH’s ways ~ Guard myself against my crookedness ~ following YAHWEH leads to confidence in all matters ~ everything that happens is according to His will – there is confidence in that, joy in that… pursue the the destruction of the enemy and don’t give up until all roots of him are destroyed ~ YAHWEH has given me authority over the enemy and its time I take it and drive him back, far far back

“As you continue to join Me through the highs and lows of your sanctification journey I will help you understand and work through your sinful nature and the realizations that you are not walking as I have called you.  Walking through My word I have revealed to you the crookedness and sin within your heart.  In this awareness I have been able to uproot the weeds of sin that have been deeply planted within you from the beginning.  So that I can tear down the high places, the lies and the false identity you’ve been carrying around.  You can not long to serve Me and your selfish ways.  You can’t have them both. This humbling process was painful, but very necessary.  You can not step into the fullness of My presence until your sin has been dealt with.  Until you see the ways that you are a stumbling block for yourself and others by reflecting only your sinful ways. In this journey, as you allow Me to tear down the high places of your life,  I have also begun to reveal the new you, the new creation I AM making you to be. 

It is through the valley that I equip you with the training and the correction and the tools that you need to use to walk righteously in this world.  You can not use the gifts I’ve given you on your own, you need to be taught by Me and unless you lower yourself to the point of seeing your crookedness, you can’t fully use the gifts because you’re not ready.

As you enter into My word this year, you still see your sinful nature and your crookedness but I’m revealing something new this time, I’m showing you Myself.  I’m showing you My loving-commitment.  I’m answering your prayer and I’m revealing more of My character to you so that you will come closer, grow more and more fully step into this new season of your sactiviaction and receive with humility and meekness the new things I AM doing in and around you.  

Live in excellence before me by applying the lessons you’ve learned about your crookedness so that you can walk boldly and confidently in Me.  It’s through the awareness of the thorns in your flesh that you will be able to fully love others and fully radiate ME.

I AM teaching you all the ways to live because you have asked Me to, so, now, hear Me, obey My ways, love Me above all things and remember My hand is in everything.  I AM trustworthy and My ways are perfect.  Don’t’ allow doubt, insecurity, and fear to hold you back anymore. Allow people to see Me through you by allowing Me to lead not only out of your mouth but also out of your presence and your kindness to others. “

Today’s Reminders

  • Be teachable
  • Receive the refiner’s fire without complaint – it’s in complaining that we miss the opportunity to grow
  • Unless I go through the refining fire I’ll never be ready to step into the full presence of YAHWEH

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