Gathering & Storing

Don’t store up more than I need, it’s a waste and it makes me trust in myself not YAHWEH.  Slave mentality vs Free mentality ~ Rest vs work ~ YAHWEH’s Torah vs worldly law ~ what I meditate on leads to my ability to choose life or death in every situation  What am I storying up in my mind, in my life, in my belly…  I look at troubles as the death of me instead of as the strength of me

It is so easy to depend on yourself in this worldly society. To store up food, money, possessions, thoughts, feelings… everything that seems good to you.  You store up the things that are right in your own eyes and when you want something else, you go and take it for yourself without giving a single thought of Me or inquiring what I know is best for you.  The problem you will always find when you store up for yourself and for your desires is that you will feel lonely, burdened, exhausted and broke.  You’ll have hundreds of things that have rotted or rusted away but zero to give emotionally or physically to yourself or anyone else so you’ll try to grab for more and come up empty handed again. 

I AM calling you to awaken your spirit and leave the lusts of your flesh.  To stop living as a slave, afraid you’ll never have enough, and step into the freedom that comes with full obedience and trust in Me as your protector and your provider.  You think it’s a risk to trust Me fully and depend on Me for everything, but truly the risk you are taking is the one you are living now.  You are risking your soul by striving after the things of this world because I AM against worldly things.

You work, strive, hustle…every day.  Your mind is consumed with grumbling about people, situations, wants, desires… too often forgetting that I bring water from rocks, bread from the sky, light and stars and animals and you into being with a single word.  I heal the sick, I set captives free, I AM the Alpha and the Omega – so why do you continue to fill your life with things that do not matter.  I have blessed you with abundance so that you can share Me, not so you can hord earthly riches for yourself to rot away and increase your burdens.   Affiliation brings struggles to people, not poorness.  It’s those who have little that see My hand, the poor will inherit my kingdom because they depend on Me for everything.  I want you to live poor in spirit, depending on Me for everything. Give your abundance, show up for the homeless, the orphans and the widows.  You will realize you are truly free when you give your abundance and stop building your own kingdom.

Today’s reminders:

  • YAHWEH will always provide
  • Eat clean, think clean, speak clean, move clean
  • Whatever comes, let it come – YAHWEH will walk me through it with grace, composure and wisdom (laugh, without fear of the future)

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