I met myself this year…

I have spent many years not liking myself very much, and then I discovered why… I wasn’t being the real me. Once I found out who the real me was and started to be her my whole life view changes.

It all started after I listened to a podcast where the teacher asked: “have you every asked God who He says you are?” Have you ever asked Him who He says He is for you in your life right now?”

Everyone has an opinion of who you are, some positive, some negative, but all of them are lies unless they align with who God says you are.

That’s how I finally met myself. I asked God who He says I am and he told me that I am royalty, that I am to guard His ways and view of me, he said I am strong, gentle, quiet, free, courageous, a woman of great value with the ability to show Him in every situation. I am peace-filled, unshakable and bold.

Now, as I wrote these Truths down I realized that the reality of my life did not reflect these Truths. I wasn’t living in Truth, I was living in fleshly opinions, fleshly reactions… the opinions of others may have been true about me, but they are not the Truth of who I really am.

The only Truth is the Word of God. No other opinion, no other word should be given greater value than His

Once I realized this Truth, I decided I was going to live up to who He says I am. So I started to practice. I decided to see everything through this lease and my life began to change!

First, I had to constantly fight off the attacks of Satan in my mind repeating the lies I beloved about myself that I was unworthy, that I was dumb, ugly, not valuable…. then I had to fight off the emotional lies of “I’m angry” “I’m irritable” “I’m stressed”. These are all opposites of the Kingdom of God.

Negative thoughts, complaining, worry, stress… they are a sign you’re living and abiding and serving in Satans kingdom 😳

I started to apply the fruits of the Spirit. “I am not annoyed right now, I am joyful and patient” “I am not angry at how the treated me, I am loving and gentle”. My inner dialog needs the largest amount of practice!

As I practiced, however, I found myself more and more. I was acting like Christ more often than not and I started to see the woman He says I am and I was in awe of my spirit self in His eyes. Thats when it happened… I met myself, my real self, for the first time.

I am a woman of peace, able to bring God’s presence into every situation because I respond like Him and not my selfish and fleshly ways and I began to understand the “die to self” parts of scripture. I put away the old man (self-serving, selfish, defensiveness…) and started to walk in the truth that God is my strength, my refuge, my defender…

Have you met your self yet? If not, ask God the questions… He will answer you! You are beautiful and created amazingly. You may not act like it right now, but once you know the Truth of who you are made to be, you can be that woman, not the fleshly one 😁

What if every situation you face was an opportunity to become more like Christ?

Graham Cooke

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