23. Loving The Unlikable

I love my family but there are moments I don’t particularly like them or their behavior. I was convicted by the LORD that even unbelievers are nice to those they like and as believers we are called to be kind to unlikable people/behaviors.

We can dislike their behavior and require a change in their actions through encouraging reproof.

Some examples:

“Your words are coming out rude, I know you are kind and loving, lets practice that” If that doesn’t work I typically ask them to have some quiet time and think about how their behavior is effecting others.

“You haven’t been contributing around the house and that makes me feel unloved because you aren’t acting like part of this family. You are a great addition to our home, could you please be a little more aware of picking up after yourself? Do you want to make it a game?”

I have so many other examples that I’m working on. Please share some ways you help encourage your family to leave their fleshly behavior and begin walking like God.

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