Diligently Practice

Diligently practice keeping my mind on YAHWEH ~ Diligently practice patience ~ Diligently practice being humbly confident ~ diligently practice boldness ~ diligently set aside any overblown sense of self-importance ~ diligently practice meekness (strength under control) ~ Diligently be a woman of valor ~ diligently choose to strengthen my mind and my joyful spiritContinue reading “Diligently Practice”

Excellence Vs Perfection

A life of excellence is doing my best in all situations and embracing mistakes, failures, weaknesses as lessons – things I get to learn from and grow – not as things that defeat and crush my spirit.  Perfectionism is deceitful.   It’s a block that keeps me from learning and growing. It’s a trap thatContinue reading “Excellence Vs Perfection”

Stop with the emotion

Those that have cast their care upon YHWH (God)  may look before them with satisfaction and composure of mind, cheerfully expecting the issue, whatever it may be; come what will, nothing can come amiss to him whose heart is fixed, trusting in YHWH. There is only one authority ~ One Truth ~ One Way… It’sContinue reading “Stop with the emotion”

Uncreation – An Introduction

Birthdays have bothered me for a while. I never really understood why we put ourselves and our children up on a pedestal for a day that we were born.  Honestly, we have nothing to do with our birth.  All the credit goes to our parents and our true creator, God (YAHWEH).   Why, when we’ve doneContinue reading “Uncreation – An Introduction”