Why Everyone Needs A Life/Health Coach

Why does everyone needs a health/life coach? Because there is a load of information out there telling you to take care of yourself, focus on number one, just be happy, do this fitness and diet plan and have the perfect body… But each one of these leaves us asking questions like: “If this diet isContinue reading “Why Everyone Needs A Life/Health Coach”

Discover your Identity

It feels like someone has hit fast forward on life. I go to bed at night and wonder if I did anything of worth or value and what I’m missing. We all long to be part of something bigger, to know that our life matters and that we have purpose. Somehow, however, we end upContinue reading “Discover your Identity”

To The Women Feeling Defeated By the Mirror

I think my mirror at home must be a fun house mirror, a magical one that keeps changing it’s shape and in turn changing my body’s. Mirror images can often be distorted. It’s either our eyes or our minds that seem to make the focus all wrong. I finally understood the side mirror of myContinue reading “To The Women Feeling Defeated By the Mirror”

How I was Freed from Eating Disorders

If I wasn’t thinking about how much I hated myself for what I ate, I was thinking about what I was going to eat next. In this blog I’ll share the moments of my life that I’m not so proud of and how I was able to be freed from the bondage of my weight,Continue reading “How I was Freed from Eating Disorders”

Think Differently About Food – Challenge

Hello blog friends! I’m writing to invite you to my October challenge community to think about food differently. During the month of October, we’ll be doing a challenge to start thinking differently about food. Join this group to learn about the truths and lies surrounding the ‘diet’ trends, learn how to find your personal nutritionContinue reading “Think Differently About Food – Challenge”

Gut Health, Digestion and Stress

Over the last 10 years or so there has been a lot of research done on our microbiome and its impacts on chronic disease and obesity. Our microbiome is the accumulation of little microbes in our stomach, gut lining, mouth… that support our digestion and immune system and preventing infection. It is the gateway toContinue reading “Gut Health, Digestion and Stress”

Level of Accuracy in Calorie Counting Requirement

Are you a calorie or macro counter? I have been for years – to an addictive level at times, even. It’s been proven that calorie counting provides little to no benefit in achieving weight loss. The reason is that the level of accuracy in tracking food needs to be nearly 98%. In as little asContinue reading “Level of Accuracy in Calorie Counting Requirement”

Your Gaze Determines Your Health

Have you ever paid attention to how often you spend looking down?  In my pursuit to find the secret to living as an anchored female, I’ve learned a lot about how my gaze determines my health, my energy, my love, and my life. As a recovering performance-based people pleaser I’ve noticed that all too oftenContinue reading “Your Gaze Determines Your Health”