Be Aware and Join Up

Awareness – it’s something I continue to tell my kids. Be aware of what Others are doing, be aware of what’s happening around you… They can get so distracted by the TV or their own desires they seem almost rude as they walk by me with my hands full and don’t offer to help orContinue reading “Be Aware and Join Up”

Healthy & Whole Daughters – Equipping them for Life

It’s hard to look around in today’s world and feel safe to let my daughter go out on her own.  Thankfully she is 10 so she can’t really leave me all too often, but someday she will, and honestly, I should probably let go a little more often than I do to help prepare herContinue reading “Healthy & Whole Daughters – Equipping them for Life”

We’re Never really Empty

Ever feel like you’ve got nothing left in the tank for anyone else?  Ever feel like it’s been weeks, maybe years since you have felt full of life or just not running on empty? Being a mom and a wife sure adds to the running on empty emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so gladContinue reading “We’re Never really Empty”

Love like a circuit – you know with boundaries…

Our topic for family devotional the other night was love.  That at all times God calls us to give love when we’re mad when we’re sad, when people are mean to us and when they are nice – Always Love. Much of my life I’ve made the mistake of thinking that love meant that I can’tContinue reading “Love like a circuit – you know with boundaries…”

Helper… Calling All Women to Renewal

There are few things that will offend a woman faster than when they are called a helper or told to submit to their husbands. I’m a strong woman and use to rebel against those words, myself, still struggle with it at times, but because it’s in the Bible and God is asking this of us, I startedContinue reading “Helper… Calling All Women to Renewal”

4 Ways to be an Effective Mother

As moms, we have a million and one things going on at all times.  I’ve done many triathlons and running events and have felt the overwhelming physical exhaustion followed by the triumph of finishing a race well. Being a mom is way more exhausting and much more terrifying. Running a race physically, the only thing to worry aboutContinue reading “4 Ways to be an Effective Mother”

This Season of Chaos… Is My Perfect Soil

Personally, I am good at time management and organized tasks, but lately, it doesn’t seem to be working.  With too many competing ‘top’ priorities, constant roadblocks, and limited time, I feel like I’m not even close to keeping my head above water, I’m full out drowning. Running is always my rest… Isn’t it funny howContinue reading “This Season of Chaos… Is My Perfect Soil”

82% of 6th Graders that don’t Pass English – Don’t Graduate High School

I love my Job, I get to talk with educators to help them increase student growth and personalize learning.  I remember the days in school when I felt shoved forward through a learning progression even if I wasn’t ready for the next level.  I hope to stop that and help students find their success through theirContinue reading “82% of 6th Graders that don’t Pass English – Don’t Graduate High School”

Parenting Tip From Genesis

We all know the story of Cain and Abel.  It’s the first murder in the Bible, and its cause was jealousy, anger, and self-righteousness. Able gave God his first and best, Cain gave too,  but without much effort.  Ever see your children do the same?  Well, while reading this story, the other day verse 6-7Continue reading “Parenting Tip From Genesis”

3 Things I leared about being ‘average’

Who wouldn’t want to build a spaceship out of a box to watch the movie Space Jam?  My daughter cracks me up with the things she comes up with.  She once wore workout gloves, fairy wings, and a bike helmet grocery shopping just to make it fun, boy was it ever!  Best time I’ve everContinue reading “3 Things I leared about being ‘average’”