Distraction: Extreme Agitation of the Mind

The definition of distraction is an extreme agitation of the mind. Agitated is a good way to explain the way I feel when things, thoughts, lights, animals , anything really, pull me from one train of thought into another. I feel like my brain needs some kind of brace to support all the mental whiplash moments I go through.  The thingContinue reading “Distraction: Extreme Agitation of the Mind”

Toxic Thoughts & Relationship Health

The fact that we have distractions surrounding us day in and day out is no surprise. I look at my typical day and I’d say that I get distracted at least every 30 seconds, and that’s on a good day. The truth is most people can’t hold their attention any longer than 22 seconds. DoContinue reading “Toxic Thoughts & Relationship Health”