34. Personality Differences in Marriage

Just because you and your husband have very different personalities doesn’t mean that your marriage is doomed, even though it may feel like that sometimes. Today, I share with you some new revelations about how the differences in my marriage caused a lot of chaos, but how with the truth we can both be theContinue reading “34. Personality Differences in Marriage”

33. Paradigm Shifts that align you with Truth

The last few years have been a journey to healing and re-learning. Today I talk about the top paradigm shifts that I am speaking on repeat to keep myself in a state of authority and obedience to God. I’ll address: Humility and confidence Believing without doubting vs believing and doing Carrying one another’s burdens Vs.Continue reading “33. Paradigm Shifts that align you with Truth”

31. Staying Sharp as a Mom and Woman

Life as a mom tends to leave us feeling worn down and filled with doubts. In today’s episode I share a little about what I’m going through in life right now and how that has taught me that being confident in what I know today and executing without doubting has decreased my frustration and increasedContinue reading “31. Staying Sharp as a Mom and Woman”