45. Parenting – Character Development

One of the things I have been less intentional about teaching my kids is character development. Mostly because I’m fumbling my way through it as I go. We are all told to have good character, but how much time is spent teaching it? I think this is the number one thing that should be taughtContinue reading “45. Parenting – Character Development”

42. Living Triggered Vs. Living Free

Are you aware of why you quickly move to anger, irritation, or defensiveness? In today’s episode, we will discuss the things that trigger us, and how to recognize them and move above them so that we can become more like Christ in a world that seems so far away from that goal.

41. The Practices Required to Turn off Hurry

As I read this book the Lord stirred in me that I wasn’t really all that good at time management.  I was good at not giving my time at all…. I can fit a lot into a day but do it gracefully, carefree, and peace-filled.  Floating on a cloud of grace and compassion and patience. Continue reading “41. The Practices Required to Turn off Hurry”