Quinoa Power Bites

I love sweets. Especially chocolaty, nutty and gooy ones. With my love for the gooy goodness I ended up making my own version of power ball that replaced oats with quinoa. Many recipes use quinoa puffs, but I can’t seem to find them so we use cooked fiber packed quinoa for ours. Ingredients Cooked QuinoaContinue reading “Quinoa Power Bites”

The In-Between Foods

I am not shy about how much I enjoy to eat.  However, one of my biggest struggles is finding what to eat during the in-between times. I love and find excitement in meal prepping lunches and knowing exactly what is for dinner every night – but fueling my body with snacks that aren’t loaded withContinue reading “The In-Between Foods”

Fat Head Tortilla Chips

Oh, my goodness, I was so full after eating these last night and they were so very very good!  They are very easy to make and we topped out Fat Head chips with Taco meat, sour cream, avocado, and cheese.  Nachos! Fat Head Tortilla Chips 170 g pre-shredded/grated mozzarella 85 g almond meal/flour 2 tbsp cream cheese 1 egg salt to taste 1 tsp cumin powderContinue reading “Fat Head Tortilla Chips”