Stinkin’ Thinkin’ and Marriage Troubles

As I prepare for my next podcast and take time to do some reading – both correlate with emotions and how much they impact the people and circumstances around us.  I hate, so much, when I know what I should do and know what’s the right thing, yet go in the opposite direction. It really makesContinue reading “Stinkin’ Thinkin’ and Marriage Troubles”

Swallowing Pride often gets stuck in my throat… Doing the ‘Death Crawl’

There are few things more sobering than reading a book where one of your ‘not so good traits’ is being explained in negative detail.  Well, in reading “Wife after God” the other day I was very convicted as she told a story about a husband and wife in the middle of an argument.  Doors slammingContinue reading “Swallowing Pride often gets stuck in my throat… Doing the ‘Death Crawl’”

Why Love is better than WiFi

Happy Valentines Day!  Researchers have shown that over half of us crave internet access more than chocolate, alcohol, and sex.   So, if looking for the best valentines day gift, it’s none of the above, it’s wifi.  How convenient for all of you who are last minute shopping for the best gift.  Just find a placeContinue reading “Why Love is better than WiFi”

This is why I know God has a sense of Humor…

The joys of marriage always bring about conflicts. It’s inevitable – you put two very different people in close proximity for life – yeah – conflict is unavoidable! After a recent spat with my husband, I was dealing with the afterthoughts of my behavior and still stubbornly upset with him. I know I can onlyContinue reading “This is why I know God has a sense of Humor…”

Showing Love without Physcial Touch

I don’t like physical touch, my husband, however, love love loves it!  I want to be a good wife and meet his needs the best I can, but this physical touch thing comes up often, and I can’t really explain why I don’t like it – it’s not just that I don’t like it, physical touchContinue reading “Showing Love without Physcial Touch”

How We are Strengthening your Marriage by Learning our Differences

After talking about my personality type with my husband, he wanted to learn more about his but said that we should each fill out the questionnaire for him because my type states that I learn and care a lot about those I love.  It was pretty funny after we were done because we ended upContinue reading “How We are Strengthening your Marriage by Learning our Differences”

To Inspire Change – Use Goodness

From food  to people, from taste to character – “good” is used to describe many different things, so, when reading about goodness in the bible, I’d always align it with the definitions I use for good – like being a “good girl”.  I end up seeking approval from anyone and everyone, hoping they would thinkContinue reading “To Inspire Change – Use Goodness”

Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness

Kindness is easy when we feel like it, but when we are annoyed, frustrated, sad or angry – kindness seems like an undiscovered universe. When the bible talks about kindness, it’s not talking about being nice to our friends, because even evil is nice to those they love.  The kind of kindness that comes fromContinue reading “Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness”

Wife Weekend Wisdom – My Painful lesson

Decorating the house for the seasons is a lot of fun, especially when you get new things for 70% off!  I was trying to reach the top of the cupboard, you know, the one that’s above the fridge that’s only possible to reach if you’re a professional acrobat.  I tried standing on a chair, butContinue reading “Wife Weekend Wisdom – My Painful lesson”