To The Women Feeling Defeated By the Mirror

I think my mirror at home must be a fun house mirror, a magical one that keeps changing it’s shape and in turn changing my body’s. Mirror images can often be distorted. It’s either our eyes or our minds that seem to make the focus all wrong. I finally understood the side mirror of myContinue reading “To The Women Feeling Defeated By the Mirror”

Your Gaze Determines Your Health

Have you ever paid attention to how often you spend looking down?  In my pursuit to find the secret to living as an anchored female, I’ve learned a lot about how my gaze determines my health, my energy, my love, and my life. As a recovering performance-based people pleaser I’ve noticed that all too oftenContinue reading “Your Gaze Determines Your Health”

Heal your Body by Listening to your Inner Orchestra

My current journey and goal are to link weight struggles, self-worth, and wellness success to scripture.  Our relationship with YAHWEH makes all the difference in lasting results for health and wellness. In doing research and schooling for Integrative nutrition, it’s remarkably easy to see how our body’s design is a strong reflection of how ourContinue reading “Heal your Body by Listening to your Inner Orchestra”

Weight Loss & the Cookie Cutter Mindset

The perfect edges that cookie cutters make in shaping a gingerbread man, a Christmas tree, stars and even Santa please my organized brain. I love the reliability of the cookie cutter’s ability to stamp out the perfect shape every time. I wish life and clean eating were more like the perfect edges of a cookieContinue reading “Weight Loss & the Cookie Cutter Mindset”

Build a City of Self-Control

Food and eating is one of my favorite things to do, and that caused troubles in past, it led me to being overweight, insecure and unhealthy mentally and physically. To help improve my self-control,  I did a bible study called Taste for Truth.  During this study I discovered how I can continue my love forContinue reading “Build a City of Self-Control”

The Real Secret to Weight Loss – Final Part Physical Wellness

We’ve finally arrived at the most well known dimension of wellness.  As you can now see, your weight loss and overall heath is a lot more than diet and exercise. as a matter of fact, even your physical wellness is more than diet and exercise. Physical wellness promotes the balance of physical activity, nutrition andContinue reading “The Real Secret to Weight Loss – Final Part Physical Wellness”

The Real Secret to Weight Loss – Part 7 Occupational Wellness

The work you do should be fulfilling.  If you are absolutely miserable in your job it will carry over into your ability to make healthy choices that lead to joy and happiness in your life. 

The Real Secret to Weight Loss – Part 6 Intellectual Wellness

If you’ve been following this blog series, you’ve learned the importance of learning more about yourself and others and how that knowledge can lead to a happier and healthier life.  You’ve also probably seen how much all of these areas are linked to your overall health and the carry over impact of each.  Our mindsContinue reading “The Real Secret to Weight Loss – Part 6 Intellectual Wellness”

Real Secret to Weight Loss – Part 3 Social Wellness

People watching is one of my favorite things to do. I don’t do it to judge or poke fun at others, but to learn different cues, different body language and see how unique each of us are.  It’s amazing how different we can be, and yet how similar we all are in our core desires toContinue reading “Real Secret to Weight Loss – Part 3 Social Wellness”